Quit Complaining

A wise man once told me that if you dont like something change it, if you cant change it then change your attitude and stop complaining. Many are times that we fail and put all the blame on a situation or a condition forgetting that we are in control of these things. Think of it like this, whenever you fail because you weren’t capable of giving what it takes quit blaming yourself for it, get up and try again. If you have no strength or will to move on the change your attitude. Remember why you were even trying in the first place, remember what you wanted to achieve and trust me, you will then have the will to move on.

So get up, try again, and STOP COMPLAINING.

Keys to a longlasting relationship

Everyone wants that longlasting perfect relationship. No one wants a relationship that would only last for a few months, some of us want to even have relationships that end up in marriage but sadly this is not always the case in most relationship. Not that we are pathetic in keeping relations or we ain’t beautiful or romantic enough but sometimes, we just miss the most important thing to consider when in this relations. Here are a few tips to help you keep that relationship going.

Communication. This is one of the vitals in a relationship, the way you communicate to your patner actually leads to where the relationship is going. Learn to communicate with your patner so as to know what they are upto, know more about their interests, for all you know they might be going through something and need someone to talk to. So, dont wait for them to text, call, or start a conversation fast. Show them how much you love and care for them.

Trust. My mum once told me that where there is trust there is hope and where there’s no trust there is no relationship. You see, trust is the bedrock of any relationship. When you trust your patner it makes them feel comfortable, respected and reliable. Having faith in them gives space for opening up, they end up sharing anything and everything because you trust each other, and besides if there is no trust then there is no relationship.

Be a good listner. Listening births understanding. Listening to your patner makes you understand them more, listening to them makes them feel they have a shoulder to lean on. Being attentive to your patner also helps you to know them better and also to know what they are feeling and going through. When you listen, you create space for growth and understanding

Learn to forgive. Most relations collapse because one patner fails to let go of the past, they hold it right in their hearts and refuse to forgive completely. We all make mistakes, when we are wronged we should learn to forgive, and when you forgive dont keep reminding them of what they did. Sometimes to heal a wound you need to stop touching it. Forgiving and moving on gives room for growth and second chances. And besides, the bible does say that we should forgive right? So when your patner wrongs you, forgive and move on dont get stuck in the past

Well, I am not a relationship expert but i know that this tips work. Every relationship requires effort though, you need to work on it as a team to achieve the best you want.


Sometimes when you love mysteries too much you become one. Well, i know its hard to grasp what am trying to say but if you think about it when you try to change yourself only for a person or when you try so hard to be something you are not, you end up becoming that something and if not careful that becomes the new you. Crazy, right? Well thats life crazy in all the aspects


Waking up today i thought to myself,, why do we always give up whenever we try something and fail yet chances are that was the big break you were waiting for. You know sometimes we have to accept we are humans and failing is inevitable. Everyone fails somehow but what matters is how we strive through the failures and stand up again. Sometimes you just have to block the winds of dissaproval and the voices that lie to us each time we fail. Even though it seems almost impossible we have to try and spread our wings wide enough so that we fly. And besides the first steps are always the hard to take. So this christmas period, take time not only to spread love but also rember to spread your wings,believe in yourself and let your light shine


Yesterday I woke up and thought to myself,what do we really live for. I mean everyday when you go to sleep after a long day,do you get time to think what meaning you’ve given your day, Do you live for you or for everyone around you, Do you live doing what pleases you or what pleases the world. Even if we don’t it sometimes we can’t help but live based on other people’s terms, now don’t blame yourself everyone wants to feel relevant,to fit in or not to be left out. We do things that are wrong and we know they are wrong but we’d rather do them coz we don’t want to be aliens in a Soo civilised world. We do all these forgetting that we only live once and whether you seem relevant or not,it’s your own life and you can do what you please with every second of your life.
My late grandpah (may his soul rest in peace) used to tell me that people will never be satisfied no matter what you do for them.So darling forget them live your life like you own it coz guess what you really own it. And if they call you irrelevant, cammon in this world nothing is relevant honey



Life is like a drum,, you play the tune you are hit with….. Or it might be a wind you fly to wherever it’s easiest to blow, or you know what,,it might actually be like a river flows with the volume or through the channel it finds first. I mean,,life drives us at its own pace even if we deny it. Whether it’s sleeping broke and waking up rich,sleeping in grace and waking up on grass,,I.mean life knows it all.
Come to think of it no one said life had to favour us anyway, it works on its own means, moves at it’s own pace and goes by it’s own rules,, and just so you know this applies to everyone. Don’t just sit there and wait for a favourable life for all we know you might be waiting for your end, so get your lazy but and enjoy life when you still can

I consider myself your star

I consider myself your star
I might not be that bright but atleast I shed some light
I consider myself your shining armour
I might not be that strong to fight but when the time comes I’ll do what’s right
I consider myself your sun
I might not be that hot
But to let you freeze I’ll not

Maybe am afraid to lose you
Or paranoid that Ive hurt you
But i love you and that’s it
And it’s needs no prove
Coz for you mountains I’ll move
Swim in any river if I could
And maybe cross valleys too
For you to see this is so true